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Weekly Specials

Boynton Specials


Buffalo Chicken Wings


Tuna Sashimi


(Available in the dinner portion with rice for $15)

Caesar Salad

Small 5 | Large 8
Add chicken $1 | Make it a flatbread $2

Mozzarella Sticks


Garden Salad

Fresh greens tossed with cucumber, tomato, red onion, & green pepper. (Dressing: Italian, Balsamic, Dill)

Small 4 | Large  6

Build Your Own Pizza

Gluten-Free Crust Available 


Anchovy, Artichoke, BlackOlive, Broccoli, Eggplant, Extra Cheese, Feta Cheese, Mushroom, Onion, Pepper, Pineapple, Sliced Tomato, Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Hamburger, Meatball, Pastrami, Pepperoni, Roasted Pepper

Add Chicken Tenders or Buffalo Chicken Tenders- Small- 2. Large - 4.

Small Cheese Pizza


Each topping on a small pizza- 1.74


Light pizza sauce, tomato, basil, & EVOO.
sm. 10 | lg. 15


A white dill pizza topped with strips of Buffalo chicken tenders and our cheese blend.
sm. 12 | lg. 16

Large Cheese Pizza


Each topping on a large pizza - 2.24

BBQ Chicken

Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, diced red onions, cheddar cheese and our three cheese blend.
sm. 12 | lg. 16

Boynton Special

Sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and anchovies on request.
sm. 12 | lg. 16

Boynton Burger

Beyond veggie burger add 3.99

Additional Toppings

American Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Crumbled Bleu Cheese, Caramelized Onion, Roasted Pepper, Raw Onion, Pickle, Jalapeño, Mushroom

Boynton Burger


½ lb. premium sirloin with lettuce, tomato, and French fried potato wedges

Family Style Meals

Each meal comes with a choice of a garden or Caesar salad, family-style comes with a large

Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

Fresh chicken tenders, garlic and broccoli in a creamy parmesan sauce with penne.
15 | 25 family portion

Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken breasts topped with a garlic and basil tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella over penne.
15 | 25 family portion

Chicken Piccata

Chicken tenders in a lemon and white wine sauce with capers.
15 | 25 family portion

Mac & cheese

10 | 15 family portion

50th Anniversary Shirts
On September 3rd the Boynton will be celebrating 50years, making it one
of the best and longest running restaurant in central Massachusetts!
To commemorate this event, we recreated some Classic Boynton specials
and will be giving out unique Jimmy and Irene tee shirts with each special
purchased (limited availability!)